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Fellow Captains, 

I am Clint Day, a husband, father, and a first responder.  My wife Mandy and I have been married for 22 years and we have 2 amazing children. I have dedicated the past 14 years to emergency medicine as a paramedic in West Texas and continue this passion today.


For me keeping a neat well maintained beard has always been a priority.  I tried many of the everyday products out there and never quite found the perfect fit for product value, benefit, and scent. 


So together my wife and I spent hours and days analyzing formulas and refining scents.  We created a line of products that balances all the things I was looking for in beard products.  As we perfected each one of our handcrafted creations, we presented them to our treasured family, friends, coworkers, and even a stranger or two along the way.  Each one was well-received by all and with lots of encouragement, thought and consideration we chose to begin our journey with The Captain's Stash.

"There can only be one captain to a ship"

- Thomas John Barnado - 

Each ship has only one captain. You are the captain of your ship. With that comes great responsibility to man your ship, take care of your own crew and make the hard decisions. Grooming and elevating the man brand should not be something you have to do but a simple pleasure you look forward to. We have made a variety of scents and products so you can choose what Captain you are. 

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